Vicious Cycle

Your Liquor Bike Is on the Way

None The liquor store.

Sure, you could ride your bike there.

But you don’t want to ride a bike. You want to have a drink.

Enter DrinkIn, a new service that brings alcohol straight to your door via happy people riding bikes, available now.

It works like this: pick your poison (beer, wine and liquor are all fair game). Call them. Within an hour, someone brings you alcohol. Everyone wins.

For now, they’re only serving Cambridge, but they plan on coming to Boston proper in the coming months.

Here now: three scenarios where this might make life easier...

It’s the World Series.
Bottom of the ninth. Ortiz is at bat. You’re out of beer and leaving the TV is not an option. Luckily, having someone pedal a 12-pack to your house is.

You’re making dinner. An important one.
Date’s on the way. You need time to perfect that secret family moussaka recipe and the only red you have is Capri Sun. Pick up the phone and order the kind that requires a corkscrew. It’s more romantic that way.

For hair-of-the-dog-ing...
You’ve got this holistic cure for Saturday nights. It’s called a living room Bloody Mary bar. You just need someone to bring the proper medicine.

Fine. Vodka.

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