Better Call Saul

Saul’s Back. There’s Priceless Art Involved.

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Once upon a time, in a magical land (call it Brooklyn), there was a place named Saul.

It was glorious. It was Michelin starred. It was... closed after 14 years of business.

But now, like a majestic phoenix rising from the ashes, it’s back. And it’s made a few upgrades...

Welcome back to Saul, resurrected smack-dab in the middle of the Brooklyn Museum. It’s open for dinner tonight.

Think of this as the Modern of Brooklyn. A pitch-perfect impress-your-date spot in a place where you can also impress your date with a passing knowledge of the works of Kehinde Wiley.

It’s a warm room with a farm table and a wall of wine. Oh, and floor-to-ceiling windows through which you can see a) an exhibit that shows similarities between art from different eras and regions of the world; b) people looking at that exhibit contemplatively.

The menu’s like before, but better. For instance, now there’s Colorado lamb saddle (aka the tenderest part of the lamb) and olive-oil cake. But do the tasting menu. Because you’re eating in a museum, amongst stockpiles of priceless creativity, and that calls for going all out. Plus there’s Canadian porcelet involved.

Don’t Google “Canadian porcelet.”


at the Brooklyn Museum
200 Eastern Pkwy
(at Washington)
Brooklyn, NY, 11238


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