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The Definitive Guide to Halloween in Vegas

Halloween and Vegas: somehow, the two just seem right for each other. Maybe it’s the constant debauchery and chaos. Or maybe it’s the... no, it’s definitely that. Anyway, you need to be in on it all. Hence, this tour of Halloween 2013 in Vegas. And if anyone asks: treat.

High-Stakes Costuming at Hakkasan

High-Stakes Costuming at Hakkasan

The entertainment: Tiësto, Danny Avila, Calvin Harris and Fergie, depending on when you’re getting down there.
The scene: We can confirm there’ll be colossal, multi-floor ragers. Also, three $20,000 rewards to the “sexiest” costumes. Translation: bust out those chaps.
Come as: An astute costume critic.

A Zombie Takeover at Encore
XS Nightclub

A Zombie Takeover at Encore

The entertainment: Six days’ worth of Afrojack, Lil Jon and Kaskade.
The scene: Fake zombies vs. fake military in an epic battle for the fate of the fake world. Also, poolside bottle service.
Come as: One of the undead. Because brains are delicious.

It’s the ’80s in Here

It’s the ’80s in Here

The entertainment: An afternoon of confetti explosions and a level of champagne spraying normally reserved for World Series locker room celebrations.
The scene: A party brunch. A Back to the Future theme. And an ’80s costume contest. Winner gets a stay in the Sky Villa.
Come as: One of the Tannens. Griff, perhaps.

The Gentlemen’s Club Option

The Gentlemen’s Club Option

The entertainment: This is a nightclub within a gentlemen’s club. So... you can imagine.
The scene: Four evenings of costume contests, including a superhero-themed night. There’s never been a better excuse to break out the spandex.
Come as: You know, that one guy... with the cape...

This Is What Tao Has in Store

This Is What Tao Has in Store

The entertainment: The leopard-skinned, bare-chested hip-hop stylings of one Wiz Khalifa.
The scene: Some sort of Wizard of Oz motif. Expect the Lollipop Guild. And yellow bricks.
Come as: The Tin Man.

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