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Dominoes and Mezcal Punch in La Urbana’s Garage

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At every truly great house party, something crazy happens in the garage.

If you’re lucky, it involves mezcal-champagne punch and a few skeletons.

And it’s El Garage Urbano, a secret garage bar that’s a new annex to mezcal heaven (technically known as La Urbana), open Thursday through Saturday starting tomorrow.

Last time you were thirsty for mezcal at La Urbana, you might’ve noticed... you weren’t the only one. Gets a little packed in that place. So here’s what you’ll do. Ignore the bar. (Try and stay with us here.) Go up the steps to the right, head straight back and you’ll find it. Just your average everyday garage—owned by somebody who thinks every day is Day of the Dead.

The walls: covered in a black-and-white skeletony motif. The sangria: guarded by more skeletons. And like any good garage, this one’s got plenty of beers on ice. Help yourself to a bottle of Mexicali pilsner. Just put your five bucks in the dangling bucket. The skeletons are watching.

Or take over a card table and cover it with mezcal-champagne punch instead—it’ll fuel a fierce domino tournament as you watch the sky darken through the open garage doors.

No. Don’t watch that.

Focus on the dominoes.


El Garage Urbano
at La Urbana
661 Divisadero St
(entrance on Grove)
San Francisco, CA, 94117


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