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Fried Chicken and Reggae in Somerville

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This fall of ours.

It’s getting serious.

Sweaters-are-no-longer-optional serious.

Makes you want to bolt for an island. Someplace tropical. Or at the very least, inside.

Like a nice, warm place stocked with imported Caribbean spices and fruit-infused fried chicken. A place like Some ‘Ting Nice, a laid-back new outpost of live reggae and jerked things, opening Friday in Somerville.

It’s a lot like your living room in here. Cozy chairs and ottomans. Candy-colored murals of Caribbean happiness painted wall-to-wall. A kitchen firing up fried plantains and curry goat. (Don’t tell us your living room isn’t like that.)

But at some point, you’ll have to get to work. And in this case, work involves grabbing a table and getting all excited about fried chicken. Specifically, the kind that’s been marinated for 12 hours in fresh pineapple, cherries and ginger.

Oh, and if you start to hear some Marley riffs, it’s not some imported-spice fever dream. It’s just the live reggae band performing on that tiny stage in the back.

Because of course live reggae.

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