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Breakfasting and Cocktailing on California Street

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All those tourists taking photos of themselves in front of the cable cars... sigh. You’ve got two coping options:

1) Move to Des Moines. No cable cars there.
2) Sit down in a great café, have an absinthe-vermouth cocktail and just let the afternoon take you where it may.

It’ll probably keep you at your table at Café Terminus, a new all-day café and bar that’ll start you with oatmeal and end you with cocktails drowning in vermouth—it’s soft-open now at the end of the cable-car line on California Street.

Once it’s fully up and running (like, sometime shortly after they get tables), this will be a Parisian-ish tile-and-concrete spot that’ll get you what you need about 19 hours out of any day. Oatmeal and muffins at 7am: sure. A Cuban sandwich for lunch: yes. A Death in the Afternoon... in the afternoon... absolutely. Another one: well, you’re dealing with an absinthe-and-champagne situation there, but we’re sure you can handle it. A pick-me-up cup of coffee: nope. Sorry. Record scratch.

Actually, it’s coming. This place is from Dennis Leary and Eric Passetti (House of Shields), and Dennis wants to roast his own beans soon.

Coincidentally, you want that, too.


Café Terminus
16 California St
(at Drumm)
San Francisco, CA, 94111


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