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Bacon Trees. Real Bacon. This Place.

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You’re wandering down a random hallway filled with jewels. Suddenly, you’re having lunch at a farm-y picnic table with a bunch of amiable strangers under the shade of a tree with bacon for leaves. Someone hands you a slice of pecan pie and a po’boy.

And, no. This is not a dream.

You’re here: Yonder, a Southern-fried fairyland from the Wishbone folks, now open.

You’ll have to do a little searching to find this place. First, head into the Jewelers Center, nod authoritatively to the receptionist and take the elevator to the third floor. Next, pass window displays of diamond-encrusted watches and shiny rings. Another left and you’re there.

Go ahead, take it all in. It was designed by people who usually work on stage sets, so it’s like being in a surreal Southern Gothic play. Murals show friendly pigs. Clouds hang from the ceiling. There’s a big tree in the center of the room... with giant strips of bacon.

Speaking of, you’ll line up for a cafeteria-style breakfast of hickory-smoked bacon and griddled pancakes. Lunch ranges from blackened shrimp to jambalaya. There’s no dinner service, but you can rent the joint for an office holiday party.

Or an office hoedown.


5 S Wabash Ave, 3rd Fl
(at Madison)
Chicago, IL, 60603


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