Things to do for October 11, 2013

The Weekender

Whiskey, RedFarm and Redwood Martinis

Ain’t nuthin’ but a weekend thang, baby.

Something Smells in Williamsburg

Something Smells in Williamsburg

As far as smelling good goes, you’re in favor of it. So you should know about this pop-up from the smelling-good experts at Juniper Ridge. They make soaps that smell like Big Sur and colognes that smell like mountains. And they’ve brought redwood martinis to celebrate. We hear they smell like gin.

Through Dec 21, Mountains in a Bottle Pop-Up Store from Juniper Ridge at Fellow Barber, 101 N 8th St (between Berry and Wythe), Brooklyn, 718-522-4959

Kin Shop, Now with 100% More Brunch

Kin Shop, Now with 100% More Brunch

1939: Thailand becomes Thailand.
1973: Professor Edward Brunch postulates the theoretical possibility of combining breakfast with lunch.
1974: “Leakfast” dies a quick death, is never heard from again.
2010: Kin Shop opens in the West Village.
This Saturday: You consume sriracha Bloody Marias and Thai fried chicken there. A great brunch is born.

Sat-Sun, 11:30am-3:30pm, Kin Shop, 469 6th Ave (between 11th and 12th), 212-675-4295, see the menu

Up to 80% Off Hickey Freeman

Up to 80% Off Hickey Freeman

There are windowpane sport coats you do not yet own. And we can’t accept that. Neither can Hickey Freeman, so they’re giving you 80% off, which should go a long way in fixing that problem. Autumn appreciates your handsomeness efforts.

RedFarm, Now on the UWS

RedFarm, Now on the UWS

RedFarm’s on the UWS now. Great news. But... that wait. It’s coming, too. So before Pac-Man dumplings and (new) diced tuna with noodles, here’re some nearby thirst-quenching time killers.
Manhattan Cricket Club: a hidden upstairs cocktail parlor.
Jacob’s Pickles: dills and whiskey a few blocks north.
—Shake Shack: Shake Shack.

Now open for lunch, dinner to come, RedFarm UWS, 2170 Broadway (near 77th), 212-724-9700

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