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Published October 08, 2013

One-Way Cricket
A Hidden Cocktail Bar on the UWS

Good rule of thumb: always open doors when you don’t know what’s behind them.

Sure, a lot of them’ll be closets or pantries or dungeons.

But one of them will be the secret entrance to Manhattan Cricket Club, a gold-brocaded parlor dedicated to cocktails and that other sport with bats, opening tomorrow above Burke & Wills.

This place is exactly what the UWS needs. Because... no offense to the neighborhood, but... these are downtown-worthy cocktails. Exhibit A: the Salt and Pepper—a deconstructed-then-reconstituted Bloody with potato vodka, sun-dried tomato, celery-root tincture, atomized-white-truffle salt and smoked-black-pepper essence. (So... not Morton’s.)

For access, enter Burke & Wills. A hostess will guide you through the tufted door, where you’ll ascend to a turn-of-the-century living room with shelves of old cricket memorabilia and Charles Dickens volumes.

Beyond that, you’ll see a hall of liquor lockers. Those are part of a personal liquor-acquisition-and-storage program, where they’ll find whatever you require and keep it for you. (They’re taking wait-list applicants now.) In the next room, you’ll find the small marble bar and, soon, a koi fountain.

It’s strictly catch and release, though.
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