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Glorious Mediterranean in Somerville

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Today, a quick Turkish lesson. We promise it’ll be short. And worthwhile.

Meze: a selection of small dishes. Like pumpkin fritters or date-and-duck skewers.

Meyhane: an establishment for consuming said meze. And untold volumes of rum.

And... that’s it. Now you speak Turkish.

Or at least enough Turkish for Sarma, an airy new meyhane of Eastern Mediterranean deliciousness from the folks behind Oleana, now open in Somerville.

You might recognize this as the old Mediterranean space. If not, they left some stuff lying around. Painted floor tiles from Spain. Hanging lamps from Turkey. A freestanding carved wooden door from Morocco. (Yes, trying to use it would look silly.)

Your play here: using those new language skills (you’re welcome) to commission small plates for the group. And then the real action begins:

Waiters appear. Those waiters: bearing trays. On those trays: that meze—a rotating selection of specials like fried chicken with tahini remoulade. Stare. Point. Say things like “I’ll have that.” They’ll hand over what you want, and you’ll take it from there. (Including washing it down with a rum and ginger beer, spiced with cardamom.)

They use the same approach for dessert. Keep an eye out for the guy carrying a tray with housemade frozen yogurt and toppings like cocoa nib streusel.

Hard to miss, that guy.

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