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Deep-Fried Pumpkin and Burgers in Lincoln Park

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Oh, autumn in Chicago. You beautiful, fickle beast.

One day warm, the next chilly. Good thing we know exactly how to tame beautiful fickle beasts.

It involves fried chicken and waffles, a fireplace and a little rye.

And you’ll find them all here: Range, a bastion of straight-from-the-farm comfort food and unbridled coziness, now open in Lincoln Park.

It’s sort of one of those modern-meets-farmhouse vibes. Mid-century chairs. Chicken-wire accents. Chandeliers made from cattle ear tags. Astroturf on the ceiling...

Anyway, it’s located on a tree-lined street in Lincoln Park. So on a fall afternoon, skip the whole driving-around-in-Michigan thing. Instead, take a seat in here near the front window, thrown open wide. Sip some pinot grigio that comes from a winery near Traverse City. Watch the leaves fall. Admire your sweater.

But when the chill hits, grab a table near the fireplace in back. Probably best to bring a date as well. Split some Pumpkin Bites (breaded and deep-fried pumpkin cubes) and knock back a Harvest (rye, walnut liqueur, maple syrup). Then, get lost in all the comforts of the season: fried chicken and waffles, ribs with tomatillo barbecue sauce, half-pound burgers.

Okay, those were good in the summer, too.

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