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Madcap Cocktails and Fried Chicken in the Back Bay

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We know what you’re expecting.

Probably something about food.

Or drink.

Or both.

But no. Today, we discuss the art deco movement.

You know, that 20th-century art period characterized by lavish ornamentation, geometric patterns, buttermilk fried chicken and rye whiskey.

Looks a lot like Back Bay Harry’s, a flashily sexy new bar-and-restaurant situation helmed by Jason Santos, opening Friday in, you guessed it, the Back Bay.

It’s a great after-work spot. Particularly if your after-work activities involve being a crooked Prohibition-era mayor or calling people “old sport.” You’ll find that art-deco-ness in the herringbone tiles, custom brass chandeliers and silver, hand-painted quatrefoil design on the wood floors.

To reiterate: Jason Santos menu. So expect your squid ink pappardelle to come with pastrami Bolognese. And your baby back ribs to be braised with Jack and Coke. And that fried chicken to be accompanied by honey-donut sidekicks.

Carry those expectations with you to the marble bar for some madcap creations like King of the North with a butter-and-pecan rye infusion. Oh, and the kitchen will serve dollar oysters and bottomless plates of fried chicken on weekend nights from 11pm to 1am.

Just the way your great-granddad did it in the ’20s.


Back Bay Harry’s
142 Berkeley St
Boston, MA, 02116


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