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Just a Pretty Sacred Neighborhood Bar

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When you’re out late at a bar, it’s not unusual to suddenly think you’ve found salvation.

And that was even before the Churchill guys concocted a religulous new spot called Holy Water that worships at the altar of classic cocktails or something, opening Wednesday.

You won’t be sitting around on a church pew blessing yourself all forlornly in here, but yeah, it’s pretty churchy—what with the baptism mural on the wall, the occasional Bible and tithe bucket mixed in with the bottles behind the bar, and the ceiling that looks like it’s covered in ethereal clouds. Plus a couple TVs. Sort of like the Sistine Chapel, really, except it’s a Bernal Heights neighborhood bar.

So instead of 10 commandments, you’ve got 10 cocktails to abide by: the Search for the Holy Gimlet is gin, cucumber and lemon, and the Jungle Bird is black rum, Campari, pineapple and lime. The menu’s full of illustrations that tell you what’s shaken, what’s stirred, what’s served up and so on. Easy. So you can focus all your attention on your date, and the deep conversation you’re having about the difference between religion and faith.

Or what you ate for lunch.

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