Tunnel Vision

Underground Light Shows and Champagne at the W

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The Boston underground.

You don’t know what’s down there. Sewer gators. Mole people. Champagne and 3,600 LED lights.

Up until now, that last one was just an urban legend.

Then came Tunnel, a new subterranean danceteria where the lights respond directly to what the DJ is playing and you respond directly to vodka, opening this Thursday beneath the downtown W hotel.

To gain access to this place, find the box of frosted glass at the W and take the private elevator down. You’ll soon find yourself in a long, dark space. Also known as a tunnel.

But this tunnel is not like other tunnels. To start, there’s a full bar backlit in red where you can grab a Sumner (that’s Bulleit Rye, pomegranate and lemon). Or wine on tap. Or champagne in a bottle. You can grab all kinds of things there.

And those light shows: they’re the work of a custom-made artificial intelligence program that can run 65,000 different lighting programs and never repeat a pattern. It’s like HAL, but instead of trying to kill you, he just wants you to dance.

Great computer.

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