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A Cozy Garage with 12 Mysterious Beers

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Just when you think you’ve got someone beautiful all figured out, they can completely change on you.

And by someone beautiful, we mean a beer tap. At this place.

Roll up the garage door for Cellarmaker Brewing Co., a body shop turned taproom and brewery pouring a dozen constantly changing beers, opening tomorrow.

On a nice autumn afternoon like, oh, say, tomorrow, you might feel sun on your brow. You might see a leaf get 0.0003% more crimson. You might pass a garage door and wish it would roll up to reveal a place to grab a stout beer aged in a bourbon barrel.

Hopefully it’s this garage door. Inside is a brick-and-rafters hideout, mellow and intimate in a supremely casual way. Come on in. Have a seat. Consider your new best friends. They’re 12 taps.

And they’re unleashing only beers from the brewery in the back room—a wet hop pale ale made with hops shipped overnight, or a stout aged in bourbon barrels, or a sour beer aged in sauvignon blanc barrels with fresh peaches. You never know what you’ll find—and next time, you probably won’t find it again. They’re not super into making the same beer twice.

Been there, blanc’d that.


Cellarmaker Brewing Co.
1150 Howard St
(at 7th)
San Francisco, CA, 94103


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