Fall Foliage Sail Aboard Adirondack III

Bon Foliage

A Leaf Tour. On a Goddamn Boat.

None Surveying the open sea on a cherrywood sailboat deck.

That’s for summer.

Appreciating the fall foliage with a chalice full of hot cider.

That’s for autumn.

An 82-foot schooner that brings those two things together.

That’s... fantastic.

That’s also the Fall Foliage Sail Aboard Adirondack III, your front-row seat to the multihued splendor of autumn (if front-row seats could sail Boston’s Harbor Islands and came with pumpkin ale). You’ve got until Columbus Day weekend to make it happen.

That Adirondack III: beautiful boat. It’s modeled after a 19th-century pilot schooner and powered entirely by sail (“sailboat” and all).

So on a forthcoming crispy New England day (say, tomorrow), you and a couple dozen other leaf enthusiasts will board her for a three-hour tour. You’ll take a seat on the deck. Your captain will hoist the sails and yell captain things. You’ll shove off from Boston Harbor and start passing red-, yellow- and orange-tinged islands with names like Spectacle and Castle.

Pumpkin ale will materialize on deck. So will a topside picnic with turkey-cranberry sandwiches and piping-hot cider. You’ll get the feeling that you’re doing this whole autumn thing pretty well.

Tweed accordingly.


Fall Foliage Sail Aboard Adirondack III
via Classic Harbor Line
60 Rowes Wharf
Boston, MA, 02110

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