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An Exotic-Car Road Trip Across the Desert

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Great time for a leisurely drive through some fall foliage.

Even better time for the complete opposite of that. Right, an exotic-car rally across the Middle Eastern desert.

Cue your driving soundtrack for The Run to Yas, a five-day, supercars-only road trip through the largest sand desert on earth, starting its engines October 29.

Cannonball Run
meets Lawrence of Arabia. That’s this in a nutshell. And in a slightly larger shell, here’s your rough itinerary...

Day 1: Meet your guides in Muscat, Oman’s capital. Say thanks as they hand you the keys to a Maserati, Ferrari or Bugatti. Pick up some lamb jerky to snack on. Then hit the desert highway.

Day 2: Enter the Empty Quarter—basically a 250,000-square-mile sandbox. Luckily, someone’s laid fresh asphalt... and some five-star desert oases for you to rest in.

Day 3: Ascend Oman’s highest mountains (closed to the public, but open for you). Take an Instagram. Struggle with cell reception.

Day 4: Cross the Saudi Arabian border. Bond with ex-F1 champion driver Damon Hill (he’s driving alongside you).

Day 5: Arrive triumphantly on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. Oh, look: there’s a Formula 1 race tomorrow. And you’re invited to take a test-lap.

You can probably turn the GPS off for that part.

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