Things to do for October 03, 2013

The Weekender

PJs, Cocktails and the City’s Only Drive-In

 The weekend is hunting for Red October.

UD - Leona Helmsley’s Dog Has a Bar Now

Leona Helmsley’s Dog Has a Bar Now

Leona Helmsley left her dog $12 million when she passed. It was ridiculous. And it was the inspiration for this new cocktail stunner tucked away beneath the staircase at the New York Palace hotel. Expect house vermouths, local liquors and a concoction called the Pampered Pooch. And to drink those things.

Now open, Trouble’s Trust at The New York Palace, 455 Madison Ave (between 50th and 51st), 212-888-7000

UD - The Greatest Pajamas of All Time

The Greatest Pajamas of All Time

What do you get when you cram a cot, a set of bespoke pajamas from the Jack Spade people and you into a pop-up shop? Well, you get you... game-testing your new set of perfectly fitted sleeping attire from the grand pajama master of Sleepy Jones. Sweet dreams.

UD - The Only Drive-In in NYC

The Only Drive-In in NYC

Admit it: it takes a little more than the legit Chinese and Korean foods of Flushing to get you out there. It would take, oh, who knows—a drive-in theater playing Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin movies to a live score. Yeah, that’d do it. So here that is.

UD - Quality Italian, Now with Brunch

Quality Italian, Now with Brunch

You already know what Quality Italian’s about. Um, quality Italian. But now they’ve added brunch. And with it, a Bellini cart, three kinds of Bloodys (including one with vodka washed in the fat of dry-aged beef) and a bone-in sirloin. Just some light noontime fare.

UD - Cashmere and Cocktails in a SoHo Loft

Cashmere and Cocktails in a SoHo Loft

You’re always in the market for a handsome new suit. Maybe a cashmere shawl-collar cardigan. And a custom shirt. Hell, all of it. So maybe check out J.Hilburn’s first-ever non-online situation happening in SoHo. You’ll be fitted and given a cocktail. Your basic requirements for entering a building.

Oct 9-20, Mon-Fri, 11am-7pm, J.Hilburn Pop-Up, 91 Grand St (at Greene)

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