Treasure Island

A Numerical Breakdown of Your Private Island

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You’ve always thought of it as a place full of private islands and buried pirate treasure.

What’s that? You don’t follow?

Then maybe you should meet Belden Island, a tiny yet powerful slice of the Thimble archipelago that just went on the market. It comes with a dock and a seven-bedroom colonial home. Oh, and maybe the legendary lost treasure of Captain Kidd.

You know, Connecticut stuff.

Here are those numbers you asked for:

Original purchase price in 2006: $2,600,000
Current asking price: $3,950,000
Current asking price in 1699 pirate doubloons: probably like 72 (adjusted for inflation)
Year Captain Kidd (allegedly) buried his treasure in the Thimble Islands: 1699
Number of islands in the Thimble archipelago: over 100
Chance that island is Belden: 1 ÷ 100 × that good feeling you’ve got about this
Number of docks on the island: 1
Number of yachts purchased with pirate treasure that dock can service: don’t jinx it
Ratio of beaches to 1912 colonial-style houses: 1:1
Degrees of ocean viewable from the wraparound porch: 360
Hours it takes to dig a six-foot hole in the sand: five-ish
Price of Ames 48-inch steel shovel at Home Depot: $12.97
Possible return on shovel investment: exactly

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