The Arques School

Either Oar

Building a Boat with Your Own Two Hands

None Well, that happened. America’s Cup: over. The Oracle: not just a weirdly cryptic lady from The Matrix.

And now it’s Friday, and you’ve got the bay all to yourself again. There’s only one thing to do, really. It’s time... to build your own boat.

Practice your sailor’s knots for The Arques School, a welcoming place where you can truly be yourself—if yourself is a humble yet wise boatbuilder who is most at home on the open sea—now holding classes in Sausalito.

In short: yes. This is a place where you show up to learn how to build a wooden boat. Then afterward you can name it Natalie Coleridge and get on the water.

In between those two life-changing events, you could do the full three-step apprentice program that’ll teach you everything you need to know about boatbuilding—or you could just head out with a few classmates and a chainsaw to harvest some white oak, pepperwood and fir. Or take a quick class on creating the perfect mast. Maybe spend a Tuesday designing the perfect sailboat. Saturday there’s an intro-level class, where you’ll attempt the basics of putting planks on a frame.

Hopefully into a shape somewhat resembling a boat.


The Arques School
at Spaulding Wooden Boat Center
Gate 5 Road
Sausalito, CA, 94965

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