Bar Louie

Lou’s Company

Frosty Pints and Tater Tots Next to Fenway

None The Sox.

They’re about to raise some gentlemanly havoc in the postseason.

Which works out, because now you have Bar Louie, the first Boston-proper outpost of the “Come... eat and drink the flavors of many nations” conglomerate.

It’s now open, and here are the figures you need concern yourself with...

Steps from Gate A at Fenway: about 225
Percent chance that fact pleases you greatly: 100
Seconds we would waste describing what it looks like inside because you already know because it’s a Bar Louie: 3 too many
Number of oversize martini glasses it takes to hold an order of their bruschetta pomodoro: 1
Toast points it comes with: 9
Odds we only included that last figure because it’s fun to say “toast points”: pretty good
Loaded-tater-tot basket options you can choose instead because... tater tots: 2
Nights a week you can round up a group and order late-night food (they’re open till 2): 7
Number of beers on tap: 20
Number of beers on tap: 20
Number of times we just repeated ourselves for emphasis: 1
Age you have to be to order the baked apple caramel cake soaked with whiskey: 21
Times you’ve had to flash an ID in order to eat cake: not enough


Bar Louie
121 Brookline Ave
Boston, MA, 02215

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