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Stephi’s Stakes a Meatball-y Claim in Southie

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There are two sides to every story.

And if you’re lucky, there’s a bar on each side.

Such is the story of Stephi’s in Southie, the newest sibling to the fabled hangouts of Tremont and Newbury streets, opening Wednesday for your comfort-food-and-gin-related consideration.

Restaurant. Sexy restaurant. That’s what you have here. On one side: a white-subway-tiled wine bar with a fireplace and dark wood ceilings. On the other: a massive 38-seat island bar with floor-to-ceiling windows and a halo of flat-screens. Together, they are one.

So it’s a good date spot.

Good dinner party spot, too.

For the latter, procure the communal table in front of the fireplace. Order some three-cheese mac and cheese for the table. Maybe an Old World Meatball or two. Tap a wine glass. Make a toast. Eat some toast. Act all jovial.

Then, on another night, grab a pair of red leather chairs at bar #2 with that date. Offer a steely glance to the barkeep. The kind that says, “I’d like an Omar’s Coming cocktail with Boston Wire Works gin, Aperol and a champagne floater, please.” Stop. Look. Listen. Think about things.

Like how Stuck on You was a pretty funny movie about conjoined twins.

Or your date. You could think about your date.

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