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Finally, a Real Restaurant at the Chapel

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In the beginning, there was music. And it was good.

Then came the cocktails and fries. And it was better.

Now, finally, you can get some full-on lobster-mushroom-corn risotto before a show at the Chapel.

With cocktails and fries.

Give humble thanks for The Vestry, a real, actual, no-joke restaurant at the Mission’s largest live music spot, opening Thursday.

Picture the doors you’ve gone through a million times for a show at the Chapel. Sure, there were a bar and a patio here to help you kill time first. But now picture a newly important door to the left of that main entrance. It now leads to a dark and red and sort of Victorian hideaway, with church pews by the door and a bar that fills half the room. So you approve of the decor choices already.

Behind that bar: lots of random whiskeys and rums from a Bourbon & Branch vet. Start with a pair of stools there, where you can best inspect the inventory. If you suddenly find you’re in no rush to leave, make your way to a booth in the back and get comfortable. Grilled Toulouse sausage awaits you. And meatballs under marinara.

The power chord of any restaurant menu.


The Vestry
at the Chapel
775 Valencia St
(near 18th)
San Francisco, CA, 94110


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