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A Sports Bar with Alligator and Wine on Tap

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Football and wine on tap.

Not a common pairing.

But add a guy named Pee Wee and some alligator meat, and suddenly everything starts to make sense.

Well... it’s about to, anyway.

Connect the dots for Warehouse Bar and Grille, your new downtown home for wine on tap, alligator gumbo and the NFL, soft-opening tomorrow in the Financial District.

This place used to be a furniture store. But it’s not anymore. It’s an industrial-looking après-office sports bar instead. One lined with massive polished-nickel floodlights, gray leather booths with individual flat-screens and a poured-concrete bar. Here’s to upgrades.

And here’s to you grabbing a neon-green chair at that bar during the next Pats game. They have eight wines on tap (Parducci pinot, Verdad albariño...), but maybe that’s another day. Maybe a Jimi Thing cocktail comes first. It’s got Four Roses bourbon, cherry bitters and cider in it.

It’s also named after a Dave Matthews Band song, like all the other cocktails, but... moving on.

From the kitchen: strange and wonderful delights. Like Reuben egg rolls. And grilled mac-and-cheese sandwiches. And Cajun gumbo with alligator jaw meat processed by a guy named Pee Wee in Louisiana.

Told you there’s a guy named Pee Wee.

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