Things to do for September 12, 2013

The Weekender

Clooney, Carbone and Hangover Cures

To be or not to be, that is the weekend.

UD - The Butcher’s Daughter in Takeout Form

The Butcher’s Daughter in Takeout Form

You love those Hangover Killer cold-pressed juices and heirloom BLTs from the Butcher’s Daughter. They make up for all the stuff you consume that’s... not like that. And now, it’s all in takeaway form at their tiny next-door market. Think of it as a juice emergency room.

UD - Handsome Sunglasses, 70% Off

Handsome Sunglasses, 70% Off

Funny thing about the end of summer: the sun doesn’t actually go away. Meaning you’ll still need sunglasses. Maybe some tortoiseshell ones that just might be the handsomest in the city. And if you go here today, you can get those for very little. Nice try, sun.

UD - Extremely Tasty Chinese from... Philly

Extremely Tasty Chinese from... Philly

Here’s Han Dynasty in a nutshell: a Philly transplant of exceptionally spicy dan dan noodles and sizzling dry pot beef from a chef who’s not afraid to tell you he doesn’t even like the Americanized dishes on his own menu. So... maybe don’t get those.

Now open, Han Dynasty, 90 3rd Ave (at 12th), 212-390-8685

UD - Clooney, Lawrence, Day-Lewis, Polaroids

Clooney, Lawrence, Day-Lewis, Polaroids

So this photographer, Lucas Michael, took a bunch of polaroids of people you know at the Golden Globes. George Clooney. Daniel Day-Lewis. Jennifer Lawrence. (All experts in the field of having their photos taken.) And now he’s sharing them with you. But, you know, not to keep.

UD - Lunch at Carbone Exists Now

Lunch at Carbone Exists Now

Carbone’s doing lunch now. Which means lobster fra diavolo and veal parmesan somewhere around noon. Which means that the institution of taking a long, leisurely lunch may survive yet. Which means you owe Carbone a debt of gratitude. Say it with pasta consumption.

Mon-Fri starting Sep 16, noon-3pm, Carbone, 181 Thompson St (between Houston and Bleecker), 212-254-3000

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