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Giant Meats and Cold Suds in Somerville

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Lambs have legs. This you know.

You can eat those legs. This you know.

Why we bring this up. This you don’t know. Yet.

Go hip to hoof at The Kirkland Tap & Trotter, a dyed-in-the-wool English gastropub that’s just a stone’s throw from Julia Child’s old place, opening this Monday in Somerville.

This place comes from the mind of Craigie on Main’s maestro, Tony Maws. It’s Tony (and his wife’s eye for decor) you can thank for the 115 seats of rustic culinary amphitheater-ness before you. Think: repurposed distressed-wood tables from a state fair, metal shop class spin stools, and original wood and brick peeking out from all corners of the 100-year-old space. It’s good meat-eatin’ scenery.

For you, we suggest the 12-seat curved bar, a loosened tie and some spaghetti with brown butter after work. Actually... you know what, scratch the spaghetti. Maybe next time. Instead, go for an entire rack of pork ribs or a whole leg of lamb, slow-roasted over a wood-fired grill. Yes, this’ll require a Smuttynose. And a date.

Oh, and if you’re an old-school-soda person, they have special taps at the bar for whipping up housemade soft drinks.

Great factoid to discuss over bourbon.

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