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Volcanic Wines in a Discreet Cole Valley Nook

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High above Italy, there is a volcano. It’s rumbling.

The exact location doesn’t matter. Just know there’s an eruption of wine in your immediate future...

Look up synonyms for “magma” before you hit InoVino, a charming little enoteca serving unusual wines from Italian volcanoes (also: olives), now open.

If you distilled everything above into two words, those words were probably “date spot.” Or “mmm, olives.” But probably “date spot.” Yeah. Good thinking. It’s intimate. There are photos of ’50s Italy. The big metal bookshelves are filled with rows and rows of bottles gone horizontal.

Your destination: a pair of seats at the marble counter, all that separates you from the kitchen slinging cheese, olives and pecorino-and-mortadella panini. So that’s all good. Plus, your knees probably will inadvertently touch and stuff. That can happen at the counters of wine bars.

What you’re drinking: this place is from the guy who handled Perbacco’s list for years, and these days he’s into grapes from the mountainous and volcanic regions of Italy. So you’ll try a smoky fumin from Valle d’Aosta, or something fiery from Campania, or... none of those things. The wines will change all the time.

Expect seismic menu shifts.


108B Carl St
(at Cole)
San Francisco, CA, 94117


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