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One 3D Body Scan Later, Here’s Your New Suit

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Those TSA body scanners make you feel so exposed. So vulnerable.

And never once have they made you an amazing new suit.

Well, finally, someone’s using that power for good...

Step into the future at Alton Lane—it’s a custom-tailoring operation that uses a 3D body scanner to produce really fine-fitting suits, taking appointments now for next Friday’s debut.

Inside, it’s got that classic Savile-Row-meets-Texas-roadhouse look, with dapper suit-clad mannequins, leather couches, reclaimed woods and the occasional pop of mounted deer head.

So what you’ll want to do: book an appointment. Then, show up. Enjoy a glass of gratis scotch at the bar while discussing your preferences. Fabrics, cut, pockets, all that stuff. Everything is pretty standard so far. Pretty... laser-free.

Then, it’s time. Step into a little booth, get about 98% disrobed and the scanner will blast your almost-but-not-quite-naked self with 32 lasers to create an incredibly accurate 3D rendering of your body. Great. That’s done. Four to six weeks and a few expert tailors later, your perfect-fitting new suit will arrive on your doorstep.

In the meantime, maintaining bicep consistency is key.


Alton Lane
2101 Cedar Springs Rd, Ste 102
Dallas, TX, 75201


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