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Beer and Hippos, Together at Last

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None 4 Photos Hops and Hippos
We’re going to be straightforward:

You’re about to drink some beer.

And you’re about to see some hippos.

And it will be just as magnificent as something involving the consumption of beer and frolicking with enormous land mammals should be.

So get adventurously thirsty for Hops and Hippos, a 13-day safari and brewery-hopping tour across South Africa, taking reservations now.

Turns out, South Africans are pretty good at the whole brewing thing. And since they’re also good at having lions, giraffes and every other wild animal worth traveling 10,000 miles to see, it’s only logical you’d want to combine the two. Thanks to some like-minded safari guides, now you can.

You’ll start off in Cape Town. Your base of operations: a century-old warehouse turned hotel. From there, your days will consist of hopping from brewery to whale-watching tour to off-the-books homebrew operation, learning everything you ever wanted to know about South African beer along the way. (Namely, that it’s delicious.)

A few days and several hundred ounces later: you’re out to a game reserve for a private three-day safari. That’s where the hippos and gazelles come in. Then it’s off to Johannesburg for one final brewery tasting before flying home.

Or seeking out South Africa’s version of chili cheese fries.

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