Whiskey Down

Party Down

An MGM Spot for Single Malt and Double Downs

None Imagine a world in which there was no whiskey.

And where they took all the blackjack away, forever.

Horrible. Just horrible.

Now imagine the polar opposite of that awful place.

And you’ve got a pretty good idea about this...

Take a seat at Whiskey Down, a tucked-away lounge of blackjack, poker and brown spirited beverages, now open at MGM Grand.

The idea here is to eliminate those times when you’re not posted up in a nice leather chair in a small lounge, winning ducats and sipping 30-year Macallan. Just get those times right the hell out of your Vegas existence.

You’ll enter from the main casino floor up a small flight of stairs, between two huge brass columns. There’ll be football. On flat-screens. Everywhere. (Good start.) If you’re the blackjack type, grab a chair at one of six tables. If poker’s your game, beeline straight back to the bar, where they’ve got seven video machines.

In either case, tumblers of the good stuff are in the cards for you: whiskey with the e. Whisky without. And some cognacs for good measure. Including a rare Louis XIII.

Maybe start with small bets.


Whiskey Down
at MGM Grand
3799 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV, 89109

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