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A Mid-Century Tavern Full of Stuffed Animals

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No way you’re sitting there reading this right now.


You should be getting ready for Palmer’s Tavern, a new time warp of a neighborhood bar conjuring up mid-century San Francisco via Pimm’s Cups, cornmeal-crusted hen and enough taxidermy to make you all “This place has a bunch of taxidermy,” now open on Fillmore.

Dark. Moody. Charming. American. Leathery.

Those are words. Moreover, those are words that, in a pinch, could adequately describe this place. But you’re not in a pinch. No. You’ve got all the time in the world.

So, tonight. Stroll in there like you own the place. Notice how everything has a throwback ’50s way about it. The long red leather banquettes. The chandeliers with little lampshades over them. The framed pictures of what San Francisco used to look like.

It’s a backdrop made for sipping Gibsons and Bohemian cocktails with rye and coffee liqueur. And there’s a strong chance you’ll end up doing just that at the long mahogany bar lorded over by a taxidermied bull’s head.

If you brought company, the railroad-car-looking dining room is what you seek. You can get steak tartare and fried oysters and pork trotters in there.

Hopefully you didn’t have trotters for lunch.


Palmer’s Tavern
2298 Fillmore St
(at Clay)
San Francisco, CA, 94115


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