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On Melrose: An Impeccable Suit from the Future

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3D. It’s everywhere. Even the One Direction movie.

Now it’s even in your dressing room...

Step before the camera at Seize sur Vingt, the futuristic new outpost of the dapper NYC shop that’ll use 3D cameras to properly suit you up, now open on Melrose.

There’s nothing too crazy happening at first. Down a long, garden-y corridor off Melrose, you’ll step into a spread of suede bucks, jackets and impeccable checked shirts. Clean-lined stuff that would look sharp at a LACMA party or a handshake lunch. But yeah, nothing too crazy so far. Until...

Until you descend into a cavern of leather loungers with a liquor cabinet (help yourself), a reel-to-reel stereo and... a 3D camera. Yes, they’ll measure you for a custom suit here. But they’ll also film your movements with that camera, all three dimensions of them. Then they’ll Skype in your Italian tailors, who’ll be wearing 3D glasses over a flat-screen while they study your footage. Just go with it.

Then you’re done. The Italians will hand-stitch a suit using the good stuff, like Dormeuil wool, that conforms to your every gesture. In a month, they’ll teleport your new suit to you.

Or ship it to the store.


Seize sur Vingt
8618 Melrose Ave
West Hollywood, CA, 90069


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