Here Comes Truffle

Pop Rocks Chocolate Imported from the South

None Today, you woke up.


Ate a Jimmy Dean product.

Whistled a little bit.

If such achievements don’t call for a log of chocolate salami from the South, none will.

Meet Cacao Atlanta Chocolate Company, a celebrated house of Southern-made chocolate things that are available online now for the first time ever (trust us: you care).

It’s not every day you find yourself seeking a reason to just flat out order excessive amounts of dark chocolate. Yet here you are. Maybe it’s because summer’s almost over. Maybe it’s because it’s Wednesday. Maybe it’s because you like salami-shaped logs of chocolate rolled with shortbread and cookies.

And hey, these people make such logs. And truffles made with 10-year scotch and ginger. And other truffles laced with Coke and Pop Rocks. They’ll deliver all that directly to your mouth now.

They even work with scientists and farmers to locally source things like fresh Georgia blueberries and citrus peels that they work into your chocolate. Should be great for any post-dinner fireside rendezvous you have planned this fall.

Just add bearskin rug.


Cacao Atlanta Chocolate Company

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