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1313 Main Gets a Restaurant

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You only came here to do two things.

Kick some ass and drink some wine.

Looks like you’re almost out of wine...

(Note: that was just a Dazed and Confused quote that we repurposed for your amusement. Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of wine.)

It’s at Lulu’s Kitchen at 1313 Main, an established Napa wine shop and bar that’s about to go ahead and open a full-on restaurant right in the middle of it, opening Friday.

Right. So it was a wine shop and wine bar before. And it still is. Nothing’s really changing there. You can still grab a stool at the main bar or lounge around in the lounge with a bottle of Rioja.

Only now: food. The delicious kind. The kind prepared for you by a chef who earned his stripes in the kitchens of Carpe Diem and Sierra Mar at the Post Ranch Inn.

And while they’d be happy to bring your abalone wontons or pheasant flatbread small plates wherever you land, the obvious play is the new dining room. It’s that place with all the tables and chairs surrounded by 1,300 bottles of wine. Can’t miss it.

In a month or two they’ll even launch a brewery program.

Should coincide nicely with your drinking-beer program.

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