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Shanghai Social Club, by the Numbers

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It’s not China.

But it did just land a sexy underground den of Shanghai street food and tiki drinks called Shanghai Social Club that’s now open.

So... a smidge like China.

Smithers, release the numbers:
Percentage difference from its former life as Our House: 100
Number of antique Chinese doors used as partitions helping that percentage along: 32
Reprints of Maoist Communist poster propaganda: 8
Layers of coffee brushed on the newspaper-lined wall for an aged look: 6
Times you’ve thought, “These walls could use more coffee”: 0
19th-century leather Chinese opium-den beds used as booths: 1
Friends you could fit in the leathery lounge next to it: 17
Friends you could fit there if you consider laps as seats: 34
Housemade noodle bowls: 4
Chances you’ll order the Lion’s Head bowl just because it’s called that: 78%
Rum-heavy cocktail bowls on the menu: 3
Number of those that’re a scorpion bowl: 1
Private dining tables with a lazy Suzan on them: 1
Orders of ginger-braised-pork-belly steamed buns it could probably fit: 15 to 20
Housemade fortune cookies you’ll receive at the end of your evening: 1
Housemade fortune cookies that’ll probably have vague, nonrelevant fortunes in them: 1

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