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Goodbye, Tavern on the Water. Hello, This.

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We don’t want to spoil it.

But when you get to the end of this, you’re going to say something embarrassing.

Something you would only say after taking your first look at Pier 6, the lobster-filled, nautical-tinged successor of Charlestown Navy Yard legend Tavern on the Water, hoping to soft-open this weekend.

Picture the old Tavern on the Water and its unobstructed views of the harbor. Impressive. Now picture looking at that same view from a much more handsome place. A place with new wooden decks (upstairs and down), antique fishing-boat spotlights and a custom mahogany bar with poles wrapped in old rope.

More impressive.

Your move: catching the sunset at the outdoor granite bar downstairs. Start with a dozen Island Creek oysters from the raw bar. Make a glass of something white happen. Maybe test out a new ascot. Maybe not. Point is: do your thing. Everything’s going to be okay now.

Bringing a group and passing some lobster Rockefeller around would also be an acceptable play. Take your pints over to a table in the white-walled private dining room with just-shy-of-360-degree views and let the fluke ceviche fall where it may.

Yes, saying “amazeballs” counts as embarrassing.

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