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An Old Alleyway Bar Becomes New Again

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You know what they say about freshly renovated whalers bars tucked away in dark alleys...

They’re pretty solid spots to grab a beer after work tonight.

(They say that. We checked.)

Behold the triumphant reincarnation of Louie’s Bar, the new-and-improved version of the old classic watering hole, now open in SoMa.

Back in the day when this place was called Harpoon Louie’s, it was a lot closer to the shoreline. Which made it the perfect spot for salty whaler types to grab a beer after a long day of... whaling.

It’s still got that old-timey way about it. Same exposed bricks. Same wood-beam columns. Same bar. But they’ve added a few 60-inch flat-screens. And specials like a pint of Hamm’s served with a shot of bourbon. And a Michael Mina vet back in the kitchen.

And seeing as the kitchen’s open until 1am, that last part should work out nicely for any late-night B.B.B.L.A.T. cravings that may or may not take hold at such an hour (we’ll also accept “at lunch”). The B’s stand for bacon. We trust you know what to do with all those B’s.

Yep. Beer. You do beer with them. Turns out, they’ve got a bunch of tap handles that pour the stuff.

Mostly because... bar.

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