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Five Unusual Spots to Spend the Night

Sure, anyone can book a night at some run-of-the-mill hotel for a small getaway (Labor Day, ahem). But not you. No sir. You’re looking for something... different. Unique. And that’ll make for a killer story at your next barbecue. Here’re five crazy spots that should fit the bill.

A Waterside B&B. That’s Haunted.

A Waterside B&B. That’s Haunted.

The Place: Island Hotel & Restaurant.
The Provisions: 10 antique-outfitted rooms, a patio with a double swing and gratis home-cooked breakfasts.
The Unique Factor: Rumor has it the place is haunted by 13 spirits. Oh, and you won’t find any television sets or phones. So if you see something, maybe send Egon Spengler an email.

34 Hours of Fishing. Yup, 34 Hours.

34 Hours of Fishing. Yup, 34 Hours.

The Place: The Gulf Queen.
The Provisions: A 75-foot fishing boat with an 18-person bunk room. But also: five complete meals, snacks and plenty of time for catching amberjack and sharks 100 miles offshore. It’s like Shark Week. In a day.
The Unique Factor: 34 hours of sportfishing. Thirty. Four. Hours.

Queen Fleet, Clearwater (exact location given after booking), 727-446-7666

A Boat. That’s a House. On the Water.

A Boat. That’s a House. On the Water.

The Place: A 60-foot houseboat.
The Provisions: All the comforts of home—living room, wi-fi, kitchen, cable TV—floating on the Atlantic.
The Unique Factor: Waking up to a school of porpoises clambering for some of your espresso. Tip: give ’em one cup. Max.

Spending the Night in a Lighthouse

Spending the Night in a Lighthouse

The Place: Katie’s Light.
The Provisions: Three bedrooms and two and a half baths tucked into a quaint, wood-paneled home. There’s also a 360-degree wraparound deck that extends over the ocean.
The Unique Factor: It’s a replica of a lighthouse. So leave the lanterns at home.

Katie’s Light, Amelia Island (exact location given after booking), 800-772-3359

Like Staying in a Condo. In a Tree.

Like Staying in a Condo. In a Tree.

The Place: Sunrise Oasis Yurt.
The Provisions: A screened-in wood hut 24 feet in the air. You’ll cook with a propane stove. Swim the Santa Fe. Feel at one with nature. And a can of bug spray.
The Unique Factor: Listening to deer and owls alternating mating calls. Just, uh, lock up the yurt.

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