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A Secret Lounge Behind Burke’s Bacon Bar

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Good news today. Burke’s Bacon Bar is opening next week in the James hotel’s former J Bar space.

Here’s the story: no seats, but plenty o’ bacon. Spicy bacon. Soft-serve ice cream mixed with bacon. Bacon sandwiches. Oh, and hey, this is interesting: there’s an unmarked door in the back.

Let’s talk about that now.

Meet Jimmy, a semisecret, stylish and probably bacon-perfumed back room of cocktailing, opening tonight at 5pm.

To find this place, you’ll push past metallic-beaded curtains into a world of beveled mirrors, wood paneling, brass-topped bars and Harvey Wallbangers. You’re basically one bowl of keys away from that scene in The Ice Storm.

Your drinks will feature embellishments like lavender petals and thyme-infused ice cubes. If you’re hungry, goat cheese fondues and merlot Jell-O may make an appearance. The music veers from Motownish to early punkish, and cocktail servers dress like 1970s-era Bianca Jagger.

Now, if you come after work for a scotch, no problem. But later is... trickier. Lono Brazil, with whom you were acquainted at Drumbar, is running the door here. And he keeps it tight. So, you know, be on the list. Or be a supermodel.

Or be a supermodel on the list.

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