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DJs and a Spring-Loaded Dance Floor in SoMa

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Looks like somebody’s about to make some iffy decisions this weekend.

Because here comes Audio Discotech, an 11th Street danceteria with a spring-loaded dance floor, an 80-foot infinity mirror and enough DJs to populate some weird new society run by DJs, opening Friday in SoMa.

Maybe you’re the type of person who likes to have “fun.” Or move your body around to “music.” Or say things like “Gold-flecked velvet curtains and tufted red banquettes and 3D projection screens are my favorite.” If so, this place is going to make a whole lot of sense to you.

It couldn’t be more straightforward. This weekend, you’re going to show up there. You’re going to find a bar and demand an Old Fashioned or an Aperol Splitz with Aperol, vodka and orange Fanta. And then you’re probably just going to do what comes naturally.

Like sitting down for a nice relaxing evening with some good conversation. Just kidding, it’s dancing. Dancing is what’s going to come naturally. Blame it on the 1,000 hypnotizing LED lights synched up to whatever the DJ’s spinning. Blame it on the beautiful, sweaty disaster happening all around you.

Just figure out what you’re blaming it on before the morning comes.

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