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Dorothy. Trey. Mary-Louise. Peter. Sarah Jessica. Warby.

Bunch of famous Parkers right there, and all of ’em have affected your life in exceptionally vast and profoundly complicated ways.

But only one directly increases your face’s handsomeness.

So. That one today.

Step into Warby Parker, and... yes, we said step into. Because they have an actual LA store now. It’s just off the lobby in the Standard on Sunset, and it opens Saturday.

You know the brand. Originally, they started selling online only, and you heard they were the Toms of glasses. Then, the other day, somebody said a cupcake place was the Warby Parker of cupcake places. Guess they’ve made it.

Anyway, you’ll find the entire collection in a sliver of a spot behind the hotel check-in desk. Black-rimmed glasses. Tortoiseshell sunglasses. The kinds of frames that look like what Cary Grant would’ve worn to the beach, or what a ’50s surfer would wear on the way to a Cary Grant movie.

And in case you’ve misplaced your copy of Lolita, the shelves here are stocked with a few books for sale, too.

So you can see how your new glasses work.


Warby Parker
at The Standard
8300 W Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA, 90069


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