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Drinking in a Gin Distillery on Randolph

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You’ve recently heard a lot about the Hyperloop, a technological marvel that could speed you from the Loop to O’Hare in three minutes.

Well, we’re not getting one of those.

But we are getting this: CH Distillery, the city’s first distillery/cocktail bar hybrid, opening Tuesday in the West Loop.

It’s as if you were there at the dawn of the brewpub. Only with a few key differences. Instead of beer, they’ll be making vodka here. And gin. And whiskey. And rum. There won’t be burgers. There will be caviar. Other than that... well, no, let’s continue.

The whole setup is perfect for after-work cocktails with coworkers. Snag that big booth across from the LED-lit translucent bar. You’ll get a great view of the three big, shiny stills making vodka or their CH Key Gin, gin infused with lime. Plus: quick access to a fresh gin and tonic, or a Rhymes with Orange, vodka infused with serrano chili.

But you could also bring a date here. Settle in the back and order charcuterie, a carafe of vodka and caviar with blinis. If things go well, get a bottle to go.

It’s their version of a doggie bag.

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