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A Big Room Full of Boots in L5P

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Before there were boat shoes...

Before there were oxfords...

Before there were moon boots...

There were cowboy boots.

This is their story.

Walk hard to the Boot Room, a new chamber of foot-specific finery in the back of the Clothing Warehouse that’s essentially a trophy room of vintage boots (only you can buy the trophies), now open in Little Five Points.

It’s like Doc Holliday and James Dean exploded in here. Hardwood floors. Vintage portraits. Bright-blue walls. A bright-blue ottoman in the center of the room. Leather jackets. You get it.

Oh, and boots. Over 400 of them.

To find it, head to the Clothing Warehouse and navigate through a boot-lined hallway where two fitting rooms used to be. Or just use the separate street entrance (it’s in the old Bill Hallman space).

Sure, you’ll come across a black motorcycle boot here or a Chelsea boot there, but mostly you’re looking at pretty traditional Western stuff. Ostrich ones. Crocodile ones. Wear-these-to-the-next-end-of-summer-barbecue ones.

They’ve also got plenty of old-school Levi’s, classic sunglasses in a big case and the occasional fringed leather jacket on display.

So... where it belongs.


Boot Room
at The Clothing Warehouse
420 Moreland Ave
Atlanta, GA, 30307


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