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Fried Hollandaise. Bourbon. The New Forum.

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Everyone loves a good comeback story.

Especially when it ends with fish tacos and bourbon.

So you’ll be delighted to hear about the triumphant return of Forum, damaged in the Boston Marathon bombings and reopening Friday under the name Forum Bar and Restaurant.

And now, a two-part analysis of how things worked themselves out in the end...

The upstairs remained relatively intact.
Although the couches have been reupholstered, there’s new lighting and fresh carpets throughout. Looks nice. Looks inviting. Looks like you’ll be going for the 12-ounce New York strip with dauphinoise potatoes and deep-fried hollandaise from the new menu. About time someone deep-fried hollandaise for you.

Downstairs... well, that’s a different story.
Obviously, things are a bit different down there now. Good different. Start at the newly svelte bar—sans about half the seats—rebuilt with fresh LED lighting and a rejuvenated spirit (read: Old Fashioneds with house-infused bacon-and-fig bourbon and maple syrup). Work your way to the new leather booths in the back and do something useful with a few fish tacos and some steak-and-cheese spring rolls.

Eating them comes to mind.

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