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The Odd Couple

Williamsburg’s New Jewish-Japanese Place

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All this talk about dinner’s really making us want dinner.

Oh, you weren’t talking about dinner yet?

Then let’s talk about dinner.

The one you’ll have tonight at Shalom Japan, a Williamsburg corner spot where Jewish and Japanese food are happening simultaneously, now bursting forth with first-date charm.

The key to this place: a happy marriage. One between a Mile End and Torrisi vet with a Jewish background and a Japanese chef who’s been at Annisa and the Good Fork. They built this sunny little two-tops-and-a-bar collaboration based on their home-cooking tendencies.

And from this collaboration, you, as ever, will benefit. And you, for the first time, may consume lox, daikon, rice, avocado and roe on a single plate. Menu changes a bit each day, depending on the markets. But as an example, you and that day-ruiner you locked eyes with between Delancey/Essex and Marcy might be coyly sharing life stories over pastrami-stuffed chicken or challah made with the lees left from the sake-making process.

Also: the Eastern European wines. Those exist. Grab a two-top amongst the potted plants and patio windows, and try a Hungarian white or a Croatian rosé. Work up to cocktails, including a take on the Kir Royale that seamlessly incorporates Manischewitz.

Yes, you read that right.


Shalom Japan
310 S 4th St
(at Rodney)
Brooklyn, NY, 11211


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