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Lamb Tartare and Date-Night Gold on Beacon

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Prediction: tomorrow night is going to be f**king great.

Because that’s when Ribelle, the much-anticipated Washington Square stunner of Italian flavors and American timber courtesy of Strip T’s Tim Maslow, opens in Brookline.

File this under your cavernous go-to spots with a real choose-your-own-adventure vibe to them. Bourbon-fueled deal-closings. Raucous dinner parties for 24. Or just a great place to clink glasses with a cement heiress at the acid-washed concrete bar (we’ll also accept “whoever”).

For the latter, start with a smile. Maybe one of their “Last Chance” bottles of wine (rarities, out of production stuff, vintages) at a table for two in front of the 20-foot windows up front. Order some olive oil ice cream in a chocolate shell. Say, “Yeah, that’s right. Dessert-appetizer. What.”

Of course you could always go the traditional-date route. Hit the drink rail. Have a drink. Segue over to a table. Feed each other forkfuls of lamb tartare, octopus and cherry tomatoes with Canadian vinegar made from late-harvest riesling grapes.

Canada, our vinegar stronghold to the north.

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