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Like a Concierge for Desert Islands

Maybe you need to get away from it all. Or maybe being marooned on a desert island with nothing but your wits and a D’Angelo album just seems romantic. Either way, you should probably know about Docastaway, a company specializing in stranding willing parties on uninhabited tropical isles. Below: three of their choicest offerings... volleyball not included.

The Waterhouse

The Waterhouse

You require: A secluded tropical locale on which to host your next family reunion/black-market entrepreneurial conference.
You’ll receive: A remote eco-retreat in an Indonesian archipelago with room for 36, plus your own private waterfront cottage. Yes, there are lizards. And monkeys. And wi-fi.

The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon

You require: An off-the-grid retreat (at left and above) suitable for a paparazzi-free weekend with a Kardashian cousin. Or Brooke Shields.
You’ll receive: An uninhabited island in a classified location with a singular, well-appointed beachside pagoda. You can arrange for a private cook, but it’s strictly BYO pillow mint.

Just a Terribly Remote Caribbean Island

Just a Terribly Remote Caribbean Island

You require: A challenging environment in which to test everything you learned from Bear Grylls.
You’ll receive: A courteous pat on the back before dropping into the ocean from a helicopter and swimming to the island, where you’ll hunt and forage your own food, and hopefully come back in one piece. Good luck...

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