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The Whisk Pop-Up Guys Found Some New Digs

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It was your favorite kind of Sox game last night.

We won.

And for that, you deserve a little something.

In the North End.


Hear us out.

Because this pertains to Whisk at 351, a shiny new date chamber brought to you by the Whisk pop-up guys. It’s now open. It’s a lot more than a pop-up this time. And here’s what you’ll need to know before making your grand entrance...

It’s not just another North End spot.
Actually, it’s got more of a South End way about it. Pressed-tin ceilings. White subway tile. The disparate fluttering of exotic languages. It’s all here. Also: chalkboards. On them: three-, five- or seven-course dinner options. Don’t screw this up.

It may or may not be permanent.
But it will be here through September. Ample time to lead a date by the hand to a window stool and explain how the menu changes every Monday. You could be looking at hanger steak infused with lemongrass for 26 hours. Or braised octopus with duck aioli. Or both. Or neither.

Go for the paired wines option.
First, because it’s beer and wine only. Second, because sometimes it’s just best to leave these things to the professionals.

That, and you’re busy eating stuff.


Whisk at 351
351 Hanover St
Boston, MA, 02113


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