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Billiards and Gin in the Tenderloin

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Historically unreliable about wearing clothes.

But great inspirations for crazy art deco dive bars in the Tenderloin...

Extend a royal welcome to Emperor Norton’s Boozeland—it’s a new gold-columned ode to gin, shuffleboard and Motown, and it’s now ready for you to go there and enjoy those things.

You might remember stories about Emperor Norton. Kind of a character, that guy. In the 1800s, he ran around our city in a half-Confederate, half-Union uniform, making wild proclamations about how he was the ruler of Mexico... and how someone should really build a bay bridge. (Yeah, pretty out-there stuff.) Supposedly, he was Twain’s inspiration for the king in Huck Finn.

And now, more importantly, he’s the inspiration behind this glorious mess of high-low cocktailing from some Zeitgeist and Bender’s guys. Yes, it’s a beautifully restored deco spot where you can bring a date for a respectable martini at the gleaming counter, under those gold columns and the watchful gaze of the Norton bust. And yes, it’s also your new go-to semi-dive, when you just want to put some Motown on the jukebox, grab a pair of Blind Pig IPAs for you and a friend, and play some shuffleboard—or a round of pool on the purple-felted table.

Cue your purple reign...


Emperor Norton’s Boozeland
510 Larkin St
(at Turk)
San Francisco, CA, 94102


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