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A New Corner Restaurant on Southport

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1. Dancing.
2. Drinking.

All in all, we approve of the diverse lineup of recreational activities you have planned this weekend.

Next weekend, however, you should probably change things up. Less dancing, more eating.

In fact, here’s an extremely good candidate in which to do those very activities: The Bentley Tavern, a classy little corner bistro slated to open Thursday in Lincoln Park.

You wouldn’t know to look at it now, but this address was once home to a brothel and a popular Italian joint—though never, as far as we’re aware, both at the same time.

Today, laden with crown molding, wraparound windows and marble, it’s a place where you can stop in at the bar for a cold martini (made with Wisconsin vodka) and a few oysters. Or maybe giant prawns with cocktail sauce and caviar instead. Either way, the vodka works beautifully.

Ultimately, consider this a potential out-of-the-way casual date spot where you can split a bottle of wine and tuck into a rack of lamb or steak frites. Though it’s also a good option if you just need someplace to catch up with friends over pork belly grilled cheese sandwiches.

The catching-up-with-friends part: totally optional.

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